Because Good Beginnings Last Forever


"We were nervous about putting our daughter in daycare and waited until she was 21 months. We should have started sooner! She absolutely adores it (even asks to go on weekends!) The staff is incredible and very accommodating and the whole vibe is amazing-our whole family is thrilled that our daughter is attending Free to Become!"

-The Walsh's

"We have been thrilled with the care and environment at Free to Become. When we drop our daughter off in the morning we know she is in good hands and she speaks so positively about her teachers and school when she is at home. I would recommend the staff and facility at Free to Become with no hesitation. Thank you for creating such a special place for our little one to thrive."

"Free to Become is the most amazing daycare. All of the staff are wonderful, caring, professional and awesome with all of the children. The director is always professional, friendly and involved. My older daughter is ten and she went there when she was younger and now my three year old daughter attends. The quality of the care has not changed. The teachers do many fun activities and art, and I have never had any concerns in over ten years."

"I can't find enough good things to say about this daycare. From Brenda's helpfulness to all of the wonderful staff, it's a blessing to know my children are safe and well taken care of. All three of my girls have gone to Free to Become and I would highly recommend this daycare to anyone."

-Angel Baker

"Free to Become is my son's home away from home. Every morning he grabs his shoes when I mention going to daycare. Even on the weekend when I don't mention daycare. The staff are very educated, professional and care for each child in their care."


"Our family has been involved with Free to Become daycare for over 4 years now. All the staff are always there to welcome you with a smile. They are approachable and willing to adjust to your needs. As a parent with a child who has severe allergies I am confident that their environment is safe at all times. In my opinion Free to Become is a home away from home for our daughter. She looks forward to go every time and she is always eager to show us her art and talk about her day. Thanks,"

-Chantal Kaddie

"I was blessed with a daughter who does things “in her own time”. These ladies were amazing and patient in helping reach all her goals. She was afraid of a big girl cup so they gave her a straw until she was ready. Potty accidents were dealt with in kindness and understanding. They are wonderful in all areas of what they do and being and ECE myself, I know that she is in the best possible care and I can be at work all day without a worry."

"We could not be any more pleased with the level of care our son receives from all of the staff at Free To Become. As like many parents probably feel when sending their child off to daycare for the first time, the transition was a nerve-racking one. That being said, the process was made much smoother by the fun and friendly staff and their openness to communicate with us and address any of our questions or concerns. We feel that our son is in good hands and with the added benefit of involving the parents in fun days such as the Christmas Concert, Family Day, and more, it makes Free To Become our first choice. With our son heading off to elementary school this fall, it sure will be sad to say goodbye."

-The Hickey's

"This daycare is great! The healthy meals, the safe indoor and outdoor areas as well as the programing have made Free to Become an easy choice for our family when it comes to childcare. The staff which have remained consistent at Free to Become have become part of our family and it is obvious that they love our kids as much as we do. They have been nurturing, supportive and comforting role models for my 3 daughters, that are more than ready for school when the time comes. I always recommend them when friends and family are in need of childcare, and I will be sad to leave when my youngest starts school."

"Free to Become is a fantastic daycare with a warm, loving atmosphere. You know your children are cared for-No Worries! All the staff make it a perfect, nurturing environment to want to send your child. Thanks for everything."

Our family has been with Free To Become for almost 4 years. It is the best daycare you could ask for! The children's well- being is their top priority. Everyone there is extremely caring and delightful. They offer nutritious meals/snacks (of course some occasional treats) and various educational and well organized activities. As a doctor with a busy practice, I go to work with peace of mind."