Because Good Beginnings Last Forever



We are licensed for 10 toddlers, with one educator for every 5 children. We offer a secure and loving environment with a wide variety of toys, equipment, and activities to foster the child’s development in all areas. Our toddlers are full of the joy that exploring the environment brings and our educators capitalize on and enhance the many learning opportunities that are presented by the children each and every day.


We are licensed for 24 preschoolers, with one educator for every eight children. Our preschoolers enjoy an environment that fosters their individual strengths and interests while encouraging their emerging skills. Music and movement, math, literacy, numeracy, art, and science are incorporated within the program in fun and meaningful ways. There is an emphasis on developing social skills, self-regulation and conflict resolution. Children learn to make the right choices for the best of reasons and not because they are the rules. Children who attend a quality preschool program are much more likely to have a seamless transition to kindergarten.

Before and After School Programs-JK/SK, School-Aged

We realize that children who have been in school all day may need a more flexible and relaxed program. We try to offer gym time and/or outside activities each day. We offer ample socializing opportunities as well as snack, art and homework time. We give the children choices and value their suggestions of what they would like included in the program.

Summer Program

We offer an 8 week summer program for school-aged children. The emphasis is on fun, fun, and more fun with lots of creative expression, physical activities, and special days.